ICICI Supersaver Bond

Published on 27 October 2010 by Raffick Marday

Today’s civilization is blessed with many banking offers and ICICI Supersaver Bond is just one of them. An adult individual can get this bond with a minimum investment of £1000. Therefore an individual can earn fixed interest rate with minimum investment. He or she has the convenience of automatically renewing his above mentioned bond on its maturity. Only a prior auto-renewal request will enable this facility. On passing such request the bond holder won’t lose out his interest over his deposit for even a single day.

To give security to the bond owner the bank has passed on the rule that no partial withdrawal from this deposit is possible or even closing the bond prior to its maturity is not allowed. Of-course, under undue circumstances like the death of the account holder the bond could be liquidated. This way the money is kept secured by the bank for the future of the account holder. Since our future is uncertain and unknown so these super saver bonds could be a very good back-up support for the account holder.

The bank offers simple interest on your bond. The account holder or the owner of these bonds will have the choice of choosing from the options of monthly, quarterly or annually payment of interest against your bond. This interest could be easily transferred to your linked current account. Therefore you can plan your financial transactions and get a help from your super saver bonds. We all love our family and to show our love the bank has also helped us. They have given us the option of having a joint account also along with individual account for this super saver bond. An individual can open a joint account with his wife, or any other family member. Therefore ICICI Supersaver Bond also helps is firming our bonding with our family.


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