ICICI HomeVantage Current Account

Published on 26 October 2010 by Raffick Marday

ICICI Bank has given us a fantastic offer in the form of ICICI HomeVantage Current Account. This account offers an individual variable facility which proves to be very useful for them as well as their family members. An Indian who is working in UK and whose family members are living in India would get the best benefits of this account. The distance amidst two different countries is virtually removed because of this account. This account holder having ICICI Bank Chip and Pin VISA Debit Card will have the advantage of withdrawing money from 6,00,000 VISA ATMs across UK and could even use it while shopping from over 11 million shopping centers in UK. This same debit card could also be used in India totally free of cost. The international currency exchange charges are totally waived. Thus when the account holder comes back to India to stay, it becomes much easier for him.

Apart from that the account holder’s responsibility towards his family is taken care of in a much easier way. He or she can instantly transfer money from his account to the relevant ICICI Bank in India with the help of ‘Insta Online’. Even better he could also transfer his money to any bank in India where the electronic transfer system of RBI is applicable. If the account holder is busy in UK then he could do the transfer over phone through the toll free phone of ICICI Bank. He can even do the transfer by visiting any of the UK branches.

The account holder can avail the benefit of online banking by getting an easy and instant access to his account round the clock. He can even get the mini statement in his mobile phone. Therefore, even when he is moving from one place to another he can get his banking information about his latest balance and last 3 transactions. He can even order a cheque book through his mobile. Thus ICICI HomeVantage Current Account is truly an advantage for the account holder.


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