ICICI HiSAVE Savings Account

Published on 26 October 2010 by Raffick Marday

It is a known fact that almost all of us are having savings account in our name in some bank or the other and getting a fixed rate of interest which is very marginal ICICI HiSAVE Savings Account is a very lucrative account being offered to mankind by ICICI bank. You have the feasibility of starting an account in the ICICI bank with as little as £1. This account is very easily accessible by the account holder. You can even withdraw your funds without giving any penalty for the withdrawal.

The bank is offering 1.00% AER against your savings. But this rate of interest on the much talked about HiSAVE Savings Account is going to come down to 0.80% AER from 17th November 2010. So, before the deadline get the benefit of the extra interest by opening an account now. If you have to change your future then do not wait for long, act now and open this account. There is no limit to our expectations of earning lots of money.. So with such high expectation of our own and to give a better future to our beloved family we need to earn as much as possible within this sort span of our life. So you need to hurry up, or else you will lose the additional benefit ICICI bank is providing you.

The account holder actually gets to earn a very high interest rate on his or her savings. ICICI bank is giving to its account holders an interest rate which is 0.30% (at least) above the base rate of Bank of England. This is applicable till December 2011. So time is ticking away and we have to act fast ICICI HiSAVE Savings Account is definitely the most coveted savings account which gives us a higher return against our investments. This without doubt changes our life and that of our family since we have a better savings to rely upon for our future.


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