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Published on 10 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

The firstprepay prepaid MasterCard endows with most of the privileges of the MasterCard network along with no credit checks and surprises. Nowadays, by accessing a prepaid MasterCard, an individual can easily pay for whatever he/she wants to purchase from anywhere around the globe. The only criterion is that the MasterCard acceptance mark should be properly displayed.

What benefits can you get from firstprepay MasterCard?

You can definitely use it as a secondary card while sharing money with family and friends not only in UK, but also in the overseas. If you wish, you can also get free receipt of the remunerations directly into the card. In addition, you can even withdraw money from your savings account from more than one million ATM s worldwide. You can also purchase and make flight and train reservations online by using your MasterCard, just sitting in front of your PC for a few seconds.

The firstprepay prepaid MasterCard further provides the facility of informing your balance through text message 24*7 in a frequent manner. If you wish, you can even pay for your water, electricity and phone bills and purchase various commodities like groceries and petrol by using the prepaid MasterCard. You can also book the cinema tickets, hotel rooms and similar sort of objects by using this multi dimensional prepaid card. Further, you are also provided with the benefit of spending the card abroad while traveling. Purchasing different goods by mail order and recharging the mobile phone are also some of its added advantages.

Being acquainted with the active fraud monitoring methodology and Chip and PIN technologies, the prepaid MasterCard is undoubtedly a secured alternative option of carrying cash.

How to apply?

While applying for a firstprepay prepaid MasterCard, an individual must be an UK resident and over 18 years of age. You also need to cater valid documentary evidences regarding your identity and address at the time of applying.


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