First direct credit card

Published on 31 August 2010 by Raffick Marday

First direct credit card can be regarded as one of the most impeccable accessory of your daily life. Accompanied with First Directs signature level of service, an individual can carry his/her card with utter confidence and style. The credit card offers you with lots of flairs, that you have always craved for. It includes - exclusion of the annual fee, online and telephone services in respect of administering your account in a proper way, and even text message services that are being directly sent to your mobile phone.

The First Direct financial services offer a massive lucrative package for the customers, acquainted with several benefits and features to cope up with all the credit card holders.

How to apply?

You just need to go through a simple procedure while applying online, keeping in mind about the pre requisites while creating an account.

What benefits can you expect from these cards?

With a minimal percentage of introductory periods, accompanied with long term rates on balance transfers, the first direct card will contribute a lot in supervising your finances without charging any kind of interests. A customer will further gain if he/she transmits the balance from a competitor store or credit card within a period of two months of opening the account. In this situation, you don’t need to pay anything at all on balance transfers for the first fifteen months. However, after that a minimum amount of balance transfer fee will be charged on all transfers.

Keeping in note about the frequent usage of fraudulent activities in the virtual world, First direct Services competently provides you with all the protections on each and every sort of transactions.

You will also be granted the advantage of text message mini-statements which will be sent to your mobile phone regularly. First direct credit card enables you to live life to the fullest, with privileges you can bank upon!


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