EntroPay Prepaid Virtual Visa Card

Published on 7 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

EntroPay Prepaid Virtual Visa Card delivers its customers the unique way of dealing with their online money matters. Virtual prepaid solutions are revolutionizing online banking and EntroPay adds to it.

Who can apply for the prepaid virtual visa card?

One should be at least 18 years old to apply for the virtual visa prepaid. While registering for your EntroPay account, you might have to give some of your personal details, to verify your genuine interests.

What are the benefits of using this virtual prepaid visa card?

The customers of EntroPay can have the liberty to spend money by just logging into their EntroPay account. This prevents them from getting trapped into the real time physical locations. One can create their accounts within moments. This definitely gives the customer an extra edge to spend and to get access to their funds easily. EntroPay allows the prepaid owners to transfer desired funds from their regular bank accounts to the prepaid card. Keep in mind, that the company recognizes most of the major card types existing in the market. One can purchase items both online and through tele-shopping by using their active prepaid cards. Just anyone can apply irrespective of their credit history status.

Additional advantages of using this prepaid card

The card holders can leave a debt free life. This is because all the payments are done on the existing amount available on the owners’ prepaid account. Prepaid service providers do not comprise when it comes to protecting the card holders’ personal data. This privacy scheme also includes keeping the financial details secret from others. The user enjoys the discretion to fill up his or her prepaid balance by using, bank transfer method, or by using their credit or debit card. The EntroPay Prepaid Virtual Visa Card also allows the customer to convert currencies while they are traveling overseas.


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