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Published on 7 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

The EntroPay Prepaid Plastic MasterCard is the leading prepaid card provider which has recently launched its plastic MasterCard. This initiative is chiefly aimed to facilitate the online customers worldwide.

This MasterCard can even be used for cash withdrawal at all the ATM branches, which accepts the former.

What benefits can you expect from this MasterCard?

Soon after opening your EntroPay account, you will possess the liberty to upgrade your MasterCard in order to access your funds from any corner of the world. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the most convenient ways to manage your everyday savings in an efficient manner.

If you wish, you can also attain all the privileges of a payment card without accruing any debts.

With the gradual increase of the fraudulent activities all over the world, preserving the security of your account is undoubtedly a serious issue and concern for each and everyone. Hereby, EntroPay introduces a unique physical card which eminently protects your account from all the adversities. The advanced chip and pin technologies ardently creates an insurmountable barrier to cope up with all the illegal transactions.

Resembling with the top notch quality service of the various other products that the company provides, the Plastic MasterCard also permits the card holders to make online payments and even budge the cash both in and out of their bank accounts. In addition, nowadays, an individual can also pay using prepaid cards even at brick and mortar stores.

The EntroPay prepaid payment services also allows making payments to the customers all over the world. It even proclaims to further enhance the business service by permitting all the companies to co brand with the EntroPay Plastic MasterCard accompanied with their own logo.

How to apply?

While applying for an EntroPay Prepaid Plastic MasterCard, you should definitely exceed 18 years of age and must provide all the necessary details that are required.


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