Dolphin Mastercard Dolphin Mastercard 2 reviews

Published on 7 September 2012 by Raffick Marday

Dolphin Mastercard brings home the power to spend in an instant. It is the medium for accessing your funds in split seconds. Furthermore, by availing eccount option monetary transactions get more lucid.

Who can apply for Dolphin Mastercard?

Intending customers can apply for this Mastercard, only when they exceed the age limit of 18 years. At the same time one has to be a declared citizen of United Kingdom. Applicants of Dolphin Mastercard are required to provide the authorizing departments their personal reference details. The representatives are going to scrutinize and verify these documents in order to process out new cards. The applicant has to pay a minimum £ 9.95 to purchase the card. In case one is trying to purchase the same through sms services, one needs to pay £ 10. If you are in need of a second prepaid card, you can apply for it. And you don’t need to pay a dime for this.

Benefits of Dophin Mastercard the customers’ can enjoy

The plus points of this Mastercard service can form an endless list! You should have at least £ 10 in your account to start off with your prepaid activities. You can load up to the limit of £ 2,000 in single balance transference. The prepaid limit is £ 3,000 if one is thinking of combining their eccount balance and Dolphin Mastercard balance. The customer can use this card just like any other Mastercard and can operate their online account from about 28 million destinations across the globe. The owner can avail all kinds of purchasing facilities like online shopping, tele-shopping, and purchase through mail and real time shopping through this card. Apart from these, the customers can operate their prepaid card through ATM outlets belonging to major financial institutions world wide. Indeed Dolphin gets each one of their clients a reason to rejoice.


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