Debenhams Prepaid Mastercard

Published on 7 September 2016 by Raffick Marday

Debenhams Prepaid MasterCard is a part of 360 money network, trusted domain in prepaid card deliveries. It carries a tension free track with secured platform working as ‘pay as you go phone’ functionality.

What benefits are accrued by using Debenhams Prepaid MasterCard?

There is no interest fee on transactions in UK at Debenhams stores. To ease the reloading traits you can avail top up facilities at post offices and Debenhams stores. You can also use the card as a wage depository tool which is free of charge. To carry out transactions with the card you require no credit card or bank accounts. You can also have quick access to ATMs globally and in UK where MasterCard is accepted. Now your shopping soul is simplified by online or shopping at various stores, paying your bills and refilling your mobile phones. You can buy tickets, shows or get drowned in invitations and celebrity events. You are also gifted with zero percent interest charges for three months. Zero percent interest charges are also endowed with for balance transfers for 12 months. You can also have a free additional card to share the benefits with your near and dear ones.

Who can apply for the Debenhams Prepaid MasterCard?

Any UK resident over the age of 18 or above 13 years can apply for the card with parental consent. It is advised to keep your personal details ready to avoid unnecessary delays in card processing.

What are the various fees involved with the card?

There is an application fee of ₤5.00.Moreover there is an annual maintenance fee of ₤4.95.Interestingly there is no charge for internet transaction, monthly management free or merchant transaction platform. Charge is not accrued too in balance enquiry or account information statements. Foreign exchange transactions are also fixed at 2.5% which is highly competitive rate in current market scenario.


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