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Published on 19 July 2012 by Raffick Marday

Currency Solutions Reviews

Currency Solutions are providers in International currency transfers offering exchange rates that can have a huge effect on the cost of purchasing overseas property. Currency Solutions up-to-the-second currency trading facilities allow you to trade or fix the exchange rate on your purchase at the most opportune time, saving you money. This is in contrast to mainstream banks and financial institutions that quote only daily rates and charge a premium fee.

Using Currency Solutions will effectively boost your budget and leave more money for you to make your new home even more special.

You will benefit from:

  • Best Exchange Rates
  • No Commission or Fees
  • First Class Personal Service
  • Minimise Currency Risk
  • Fast Currency Transfers
  • Total Security of Funds

Better currency exchange rates than high street banks

If you need to make regular money transfers for a mortgage, pension or salaries, a Currency Solutions regular payment plan will make it simple and cost-effective. Your exchange rate can be fixed for up to 24 months and there are absolutely no fees.

Let’s assume your monthly overseas mortgage is 1500 EUR each month and you wish to pay in GBP fixed for the next 12 months. Your personal dealer will quote you one exchange rate for this period.

The savings you can expect:
12 x 3% (bank commission) = £360
12 x £25 (bank transfer fee) = £300
Total in one year = £660
Over a 15 year mortgage = £9,900

Currency Solutions can maximise the currency you need

Currency Solutions have market experts which can will help you to do your trade in exchange currency at the right time. This is extremely important as currency markets are constantly moving where exchange rates go up and down throughout the day. By using Currency Solutions foreign exchange experts they can advise you on what factors are going to affect your currency trade and which way the markets are moving. Currency Solutions will help you to trade when exchange rates are in your favour which will maximise the currency you receive. Plus they do not charge commission and there is no charge for transfer fees.

Providing peace of mind

Currency Solutions use the most secure, reliable methods available to make your international payments. You can be confident that your money will arrive where you need it, when you need it and are FSA regulated keeping your money safe and secure.

Free Money Transfer Services

By registering you are free to use Currency Solutions services and it allows you to buy currency immediately should you wish.

International money transfers provided by

Currency Solutions – Authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority


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