credEcard Prepaid Card

Published on 6 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

credEcard has come out with an innovative credEcard Prepaid Card to curtail all prepaid oriented transaction difficulties and value added services .The prepaid card bears promises of enhanced prepaid service functionalities.

What are the unique benefits from your credEcard Prepaid Card?

credEcard Prepaid Card fosters the enhancement of your brand. It creates novel and parallel revenue opportunities. Further it caters to customer retention potential. It simplifies administrative features and creates new avenues to tap new market and uphold advantages from the same. This card is based on advanced technology platform providing bespoke solution geared with advanced management principles. It can be launched with superior market differentiators created based on the card platform. The card is designed to adapt to the fast changing market scenario so that you always stay ahead of the competition. It has a global outlook based in UK with flexible payment modules. credEcard provides an innovative design to foster end to end solutions to prepaid track. Own sort code allows direct transfers to accounts and not through corporate account. Top ups are available at 17,000 locations at Paypoint. Transfers and unique standing order payments both based in and out of account can be easily accessed. A wholesale pricing scheme comes along with the cards to smoothen client pricing preferences. With prepaid schemes, payroll applications can now be easily organized with pay slips.

What are the “value added” services?

A host of services is available with weekly or monthly account statement notifications. With Maestro or MasterCard brands, it has added advantages of being used anywhere in the world to support the system. Now you can email money to friends and pay for auctions and IOU. If you wish to change address you can always update your address online. You can always ask for a second card so that you can play with your balances between your near and dear ones. You can transfer money to any international account through your online banking account.


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