Creation Credit Card

Published on 1 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

Basic points

When money matters, the responsible credit card holders opt for Creation Credit Card. Dealing with poor bank credits and low credit history is driving many of us to a breaking point. Furthermore, when most of us are looking forward to share monetary responsibilities, leading financial institutions are finding it difficult to cater to this particular demand. Creation Financial Services comes about with a different attitude. Keeping in mind, the generic requirements of the credit card applicants, the company framing its credit applying schemes to target maximum customer benefit. With a brand name to rely on and with benefits to count upon for a longer period of time, you can hardly ask for more!

The best deal

Credit cards from Creation provide the opportunity to enjoy zero amount interest fees payment for a time period of fifteen months. The card holder simply needs to work out balance transfers before the 90 days time bar. This time period is actually counted since the day the customer has been issued his or her credit card. For three months since the card has been issued one can purchase upon it without having to pay any interest against it. If you are applying for a Creation Credit Card, then breathe easy, for the institution never demands annual fees from its card holders. You must apply online and simply get your card within 7 to 10 days time.

Additional advantage

Credit cards from Creation enable customers to share their individual cards with declared partners. This feature helps you to share your credit paying responsibilities with your earning family member. Swap your card in the major bank ATMs across the world and make cash withdrawals till the amount stated in the company’s terms and conditions. Transferring balance amounts from your cards to your personal bank accounts and to other building society monetary account is also possible with your Creation Credit Card.


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