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Published on 9 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

As the name goes, community savings bonds are savings account for a particular community and when it is made by a number of people for a purpose. With this you can aid various communities with finances. A little savings from your side can help us establish a large institution providing help in terms of funds to various communities.

So, come forward and Help provide affordable finance for local community projects around Britain, and earn a guaranteed interest rate, with our Community Savings Bond.

With this you can Earn a guaranteed interest rate and help local community projects, too

How Does The Community Savings Bond Work?

The working of the community savings bond is very simple, uncomplicated and easy. It involves no hassle or trouble for the clients and investors. The entire process is transparent and everything claimed is executed. It is one of the most generous and great community bond around. In the community savings bond, you invest at a certain guaranteed interest rate. It is totally your decision to decide the interest rate. This means that it is you who chooses how much of the interest you want to be paid to the community projects. The interest is also paid in any of the area of your choice. Hence, it is proven that everything happens according to your wish and comfort as far as possible. Nevertheless, the the lower the interest rate you choose to receive, the more money will be invested in community projects. You can make a choice to give your donation to any one of 11 regions to help support community projects

It is only available to existing 3 Year Community Bond investors and the minimum investment is of £500.Annual Equivalent Rate (AER) illustrates what the interest rate would be if paid and compounded each year.


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