Co op Current Account Plus

Published on 30 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

The Co op Current Account Plus can truly be denoted as one of the most convenient mode of acquiring more from your account averting all kinds of extravagant costs and expenditures. An individual can access all the privileges of the Current account Plus without even spending a single penny from his/her wallet.

What benefits can you get from the Current account Plus?

The linked savings account proffers a lucrative rate of interest, which has been specially formulated to track up to an utmost of 0.5% underneath the estimated base rate authorized by the Bank of England. You just need to pay ₤800 monthly. You can access the fee free overdraft facility of ₤200, and a incredible credit rate of 11.9% APR which is variable.

Again, if you are a member of the Co operative society, you will be able to earn one membership point for every ₤5 which has been deposited in the Current Account Plus.

With the 24*7 secured online banking, now an individual can access his/her Current Account Plus at any point of time and from anywhere in the world with utmost convenience. In addition, you will be further provided with the assistance of the switching team, which proficiently alleviates all the hindrances while opening a new account.

Apart from this, you are also liable to withdraw and deposit cash or cheques from all the Co-operative bank cash machines spread throughout the nation. You will be further exempted from paying any kind of monthly subscription fees.

The Current Account Plus also endows with a ₤200 free overdraft for all its customers in an effervescent manner.

A person can also grant the benefits of some of the exclusive mortgage deals. However, if an individual fails to sustain repayments on his/her mortgage, the former’s home might be recuperated.

How to apply?

In order to apply for the Current Account Plus you are supposed to fill in the six step online application process and can also give a call on 08000 287 287.


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