Clydesdale Bank Prepaid Travel Card

Published on 6 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

Your worries echo each time you think of traveling. Clydesdale Bank has come out with a prepaid card to smoothen your desires for visiting places around the globe, any time, anywhere.

What benefits you accrue by this card?

Clydesdale Bank Prepaid Travel Card has flexible options which give the cardholder more ability to spend wherever one is using local currencies available in millions of ATMs around the world. The card is available in three currencies, viz, Dollar, Euro and Sterling with guaranteed exchange rates. This gives you more flexibility to choose and plan your budget itinerary. With Maestro branded card you can access shopping destinations wherever you are. Because the card is reloadable, you can easily use it for traveling or while on holiday for 2 years. The card allows you to budget your travel money so that you do not gain unwanted card bills when you return back home from your trips. Moreover there is no interest or late payment charges.

How can the card be reloaded?

Your Clydesdale Bank Prepaid Travel Card gives you the option of loading your card with a minimum balance of ₤10 to a maximum balance of £3,500. It acts as an alternative to traveler’s cheque with added PIN protection so that you can avail cash at ATMs in local currency without having to carry your passport. You can easily top up your card with Clydesdale Bank Debit Card by accessing your travel card account online.

What is the monthly designated payment?

Though initially you need not require a payment but after the expiry date you need to pay a fee of £2.00.

How can you check your balance with your card?

You can check your balance by going to the Travel Card account through the Travel Card link in the Clydesdale bank website or simply by calling at the toll free number.


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