Clydesdale Bank Credit Card

Published on 3 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

Clydesdale Bank credit card gives its customers unique services unlike many of the existing credit card services. It scores for its dependable and caters to customer specified needs at the earliest.

Who can apply for the credit cards?

In order to qualify as a valid credit card applicant, one needs to be at least 18 years old and should be a resident of United Kingdom. Customers should have an existing bank account at any of the Clydesdale Bank. In addition to this, one has to clarify the fact that he or she does not own credit cards of either Yorkshire Bank or Clydesdale Bank. The institution accepts requested depending on the situation and status of the applicants, the stress is mainly on the financial aptitude. Customers applying for their credit cards, receive them within two weeks to be precise. It is advisable that the applicant should read through the applicant rules thoroughly before applying.

What are the benefits that the customers can enjoy, by using the credit cards?

When it comes to talking about benefits that you can enjoy by owing a credit card of Clydesdale Bank-there are many! To begin with you get a zero percentage interest relief in the first three months of owning the card, for all transactions. Forget the troubles of cash advancements, for there is none! The services don’t make the customers pay interest balances for the first sixteen months which surely adds to the long list of benefits. You don’t need to pay any annual fee against your active credit card. Customers are satisfied with the credit limits they are enjoying. The minimum credit limit is nearly £500.00.

Clydesdale Bank credit card holders also get the privilege of having their balance statements ready by the first date of each month.


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