Club’s Prepaid MasterCard

Published on 17 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

The Club’s Prepaid MasterCard is one of the most convenient mediums of carrying the funds on the European camping holidays, excluding all the worries about exchanging currency and similar sort of features.

Features and Benefits:

An individual is being entitled to use the Prepaid Card while paying for all the expenses abroad. You can deposit a maximum amount of ₤6250 in your online eccount, so that it can be safely transferred into the card either by text or via internet and phone according to your utmost convenience.

Again, whenever you are running low on balance and need to recharge, you will be provided with the amenities of free text alerts, which will be directly sent to your phone.

Apart from this, you can grant all the privileges of withdrawing cash from all the ATM’s available nationwide and even in the overseas without spending a single penny from your wallet. You will be further exempted from all kinds of purchase fees both in UK and abroad.

The Chip and PIN facilities will actively prevent all the hindrances that might occur while transferring the money from your account online. It plays a pivotal role in creating an insurmountable barrier against all the fraudulent activities and illegal transactions.

The Club’s Prepaid MasterCard also contributes a lot while saving your money on all the existing banking fees. In addition, a fixed amount of ₤10 will be refunded accompanied with the initial deposit of approximately ₤450 or even more than that.

Your prepaid card is one of the most secured and convenient alternative mode instead of carrying cash. You also don’t need to pay any credit checks, as there hardly exists any resemblance with the credit card.

How to apply?

The Club’s Prepaid MasterCard can be ordered through Carefree Travel service. You just need to pay a minimal amount of deposit while ordering the same, although it will be refunded later.


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