Club 18-30 Prepaid Card -Maestro Card

Published on 17 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

The Club 18-30 Prepaid Maestro Card brings forth an innumerable number of privileges in front of the customers. Now, an individual is entitled to access the Prepaid Card in all the retail outlets, supermarkets and bistros available nationwide, the only criterion being the Maestro symbol needs to be exhibited.

In addition, it also deals with the advanced Chip and PIN technologies, which evidently permits you to access all the cash machines and the Chip and PIN retailers spread throughout the nation. You can also use the Maestro Card while traveling either for an official trip or vacation.

However, before using the Prepaid Maestro Card, a person must ensure whether an appropriate amount of funds is loaded in the same. Again, once the validity of the card gets over, you won't be able to use it any more.

Unlike the credit card, the Club 18-30 prepaid card is not directly connected with your bank account and hence don’t expect to earn any sort of interests on the funds which are loaded in your Prepaid card.

How to Activate?

An individual is instructed to sign the Prepaid Card as soon as he/she receives it. If you have attained the card from any particular Club 18-30 agent, the latter will take the sole responsibility of activating the card on your behalf. After that, you are entitled to access the account and load necessary amount of money into it. You can also acquire and activate the club 18-30 prepaid card by logging into the official website.

Security Concerns:

Again, you should be extremely aware regarding the security of your Club 18-30 Prepaid Maestro Card. If it is lost or stolen, you will lose all your money deposited on the Prepaid Card. Henceforth, it’s your responsibility to keep the Prepaid Card safe and secure and must not allow anyone else to access it.


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