BT Retail credit card

Published on 6 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

The BT Retail credit card consists of all the attributes of MBNA’s standard card, such as, preliminary interest free purchases and balance transfers, online management, dedicated customer service and others.

An individual is also provided with the opportunity of making savings on British Telecom bills through card purchases which in reality often amounts to a penny off applicable BT bills on every £1.50 spent on the card.

What benefits can you expect from this Retail credit card?

The credit card endows with 0% of interest rate on all balance transfers for the initial six months after opening the account.

Again, a minimal percentage is charged on both petrol and supermarket purchases for an introductory span of ten months. This lucrative offer is widely available in store, including some of the top notch supermarkets of United Kingdom, like - Tesco, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, Somerfield and similar sort of establishments.

Again, a card holder can feel himself utterly relieved as it spares from charging any kind of annual fee.

Due to its active fraud monitoring methodology and advanced techniques, a person can certainly access the free purchase protection scheme according to his/her will.

With the gradual emergence of the virtual reality or new media, online banking has acquired a predominant position among the customers all around the world. Estimating this fact, the BT group also successfully launched its online banking privileges, by which you can manage your account online without bearing the hardship of traveling.

The customer satisfaction helpline is available 24 hours a day so that you can interact with the executives at anytime of the day according to your convenience. This dedicated unit has always live up to their expectations and maintained that level of proficiency that can be expected from this organization.

How to apply:

Once you surpass 18 years of age and possess an annual income of £10,000, you are eligible to apply for the BT Retail credit card.


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