Blue Sky Prepaid Card

Published on 16 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

Blue Sky Card now only £5.49

With the prepaid MasterCard market expanding at such a fast rate, it’s confusing and tricky to know which one to opt for. We are bombarded with information on the internet and television about prepaid credit cards and all the jargon that comes along with it such as transactions fees and bank loads, etc. So, which one to choose?

My money’s on the new Blue Sky Prepaid MasterCard. This is the latest prepaid credit card on the market and it is planning to blow the other competitors out of the water. Launching in November 2010, the Blue Sky Prepaid MasterCard offers some of the most competitive rates on the market without the hidden extra charges.

The premise is straightforward - to offer people from all walks of life effortless access to electronic banking. If you are unable to open a UK bank account or have been refused credit in the past, the Blue Sky Prepaid MasterCard may be the solution to your problems. Travelling, shopping online, transferring money and managing your finances have never been so straight forward. If that isn't enough, your Blue Sky Prepaid MasterCard is welcome in over 29 million retail outlets worldwide and can be used in over 1.5 million ATM’s around the world.

The application process is simple either via the internet or post and the loading of money onto your card is even simpler via internet, telephone, any UK bank, Post Office and anywhere you see the PayPoint sign. Once you’ve received your Blue Sky MasterCard plastic the next step is activating it online by choosing your preferred tariff, pay monthly or pay as you go. Confused? Don’t be. Your tariff will be dependent on how many times you choose to utilize your card. For instance, if you are planning to make use of your card at least four or five times a month the pay monthly option will work best for you. A small monthly fee is charged but with that you get the benefit of free or reduced transaction costs, free UK purchases and free bank loading. If you plan on using the card less than four times a month, Pay As You Go is the way to go. There’s no monthly fee but you still benefit from their highly competitive fee structure.

Once you've activated your card and loaded it with some money, the sky’s (or in this case, the blue sky’s) the limit! The benefits and uses of this Blue Sky Prepaid MasterCard are so impressive that it makes you wonder why you even need an ordinary bank account from a UK bank. One of the main advantages of this card is the money sharing facility; transferring money to friends and family in the UK and overseas has never been so trouble-free (and inexpensive). All this function requires is an additional card added onto your existing account (known as a Companion Card). A Companion Card allows you, as the main cardholder, the facility to transfer money instantly and free, anywhere in the world to any family member or friend you have issued a Companion Card to. You are in total control and their spending can be monitored by you in real time, 24/7, either online or remotely by SMS. A Companion Card is available to anyone over the age of 13 so this is great for parents who have children away at University or children who enjoy bugging mum and dad for their credit card to buy things online all the time!

Another great feature of the Blue Sky Prepaid MasterCard is its Credit Booster Facility. If you have had problems with credit in the past, never had credit, been hit by CCJ’s or you are new to the UK, the Credit Booster facility can help you with your credit rating; it is a proven way to add information to your credit profile and can show that you’re a trustworthy, creditworthy customer. All you need to do is opt for the pay monthly tariff for twelve months and Blue Sky will pass on your payment history to the credit reference agencies. By demonstrating that you can make monthly payments on time, your credit rating will improve (assuming you manage other credit responsibly).


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