Barclays Everyday Saver

Published on 3 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

Barclays Everyday Saver allows intended customers to save and earn simultaneously. The essential saving schemes come along with lucrative interest rates arranged and distributing according to the tiered system.

Barclays Everyday Saver services allowed accounts to be initialized with a minimum account of £1. In addition to this, all essential savings account holders are capable of withdrawing pre determined amount without having to worry about account restrictions. All customers are entitled to earn interest rates of around 0.65% AER. They can even choose to earn about 0.65% gross rate per annum. The later rates are subjected to yearly variations though.

It is to be noted that all UK residents are applicable to apply for the account. At the same time Barclays recognises only 16 and more years old applicants as suitable account holders. All account holders can enjoy a fixed bonus rate of 0.50% according to gross calculations. This scheme states valid till the initiate twelve month period. Beyond the calculated one year span the bonus interests comes down to 2.

The Barclays Everyday Saver account can be accessed through all major avenues; this would mean that you can safe on scheduling a visit to the bank this week. You can now learn about your account activities through your online registration Id and even receive transaction reports through mobile services.

The account also allows the account holder the premium discretion of saving money as per they personal choices, declaring the limitless maximum balance cause. They can also apply for ATM card that helps them to acquire £300 daily from Barclays cash machines, provided the account holds sufficient balance for the time being. Account holders are supposed to pay a declared amount of monthly fee to keep their account active, at the same time, they can connect their account with offset mortgage facilities pertaining to the Woolwich Offset Mortgage.


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