Barclays e-savings Reward

Published on 3 November 2010 by Raffick Marday

Barclays e-savings Reward is set to benefit account holders by assisting them to earn great interest rates even during the periods of zero withdrawal made from their Barclays account. All applicants and neo account holders can open personal accounts under this scheme with a minimum balance of £1. In addition to all these facilities you are likely to enjoy the benefit of getting online services. This is perfect for the ones who would like to save and procure funds at any time and from anywhere they feel like.

Barclays e-savings rewards helps account holders to grab the benefit of earning a rate of 1.26%AER and about 1.25% on an yearly basis, on the months when their account stays dormant and unused. Likewise the lower bar rates applied during such account cease periods amounts to 0.85% AER, which can also be regarded as 0.85% gross per annum. The applicants are likely to earn 0.75% as bonus rates over the initial period of one year. The applicants are furthermore entitled to be paid their respective interests on a monthly basis. They start saving from a minimum account balance of £1 and are allowed to keep about £2 million in one single registered account. Barclays allow customers to swap accounts too. This would mean that one has the privilege to transfer their funds from their existing current accounts to their new online saving accounts. The bank allows account holders to conduct daily transactions through cash machines with the help of ATM cards- the limit of daily withdrawal is £300.

Barclays e savings reward is appropriate for UK residents of at least 18 years of age and allows users to operate their accounts over the virtual forum at ease. Account transference can take place between other existing financially recognized bank set ups provided the applicant is accompanied by appropriate documents.


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