Barclaycard Platinum Credit Card Review

Published on 17 August 2010 by Raffick Marday

Barclaycard Platinum Credit Card Review

Looking for some breathing space? Think about going Platinum. With the original card in Barlaycard Platinum range, you'll pay no interest on balance transfers for the first 14 months and on purchases for the first three.

14 month's interest free on credit card balances and three months on purchases. if that's tempted you to go platinum, here's the small print:

  1. You can transfer between £250 and £5,000 or 90% of your credit limit, whichever is lower, depending on the available credit limit on your account.
  2. They reserve the right to refuse a credit card balance transfer or to limit the amount you can transfer. If we do allow you to transfer an amount over your balance transfer limit, this will be debited to your account and charged at 6.9% interest per annum untill paid in full. They will not charge a handling fee.
  3. A 2.9% handling fee will apply to each 0% interest balance transfer you make.
    Barclaycard reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time. This offer is only available to new customers. You will be required to use a PIN with this credit card in order to pay for goods and services over the counter in shops and other outlets

To get a Platinum Barclaycard do you have a good credit history, Are 21 or over, Have a permanent UK address for 3 months or more, Have a regular income of more than £10,000 pa - Don't already have a Barclaycard - Haven't missed multiple payments on a credit agreement within the last 12 months and Don't have a CCJ,IVA or have not been registered bankrupt.

The Platinum Barclaycard online application form takes a five minutes to complete with an easy step by step instructions and as you would expect secure website protection, make sure you have all the details with you as the application will ask you your personal details, details about your work, what type of card you want and finally confirm the legal, terms and conditions.

If you apply online between the hours of 8am-8pm Monday to Thursday, 8am-5pm on Friday you could get an instant decision. For all other applications you should hear from us within 7-10 working days.

  • Identity Protection Service - advice about protecting yourself from identity theft
  • Safer shopping with Fraud Protection including Chip and PIN and monitoring your account for unusual spending
  • Purchase Delivery Protection against loss or damage to online, phone or mail orders from despatch to door (second-hand goods and services excluded)
  • Emergency help when travelling abroad
  • Great holiday deals with our Travel Service
  • Convenient online account management
  • Emergency cash advance and credit card replacement service
  • Opt in for text alerts five days before your payment is due
  • 24 hour helpline

Barclaycard Credit Card Fees

Credit Card issue fee Free

Typical APR Rate Typical 14.9% APR variable.
Intro Offers 0% interest on balance transfers for 14 months from opening your account (2.9% handling fee applies)
Annual renewal fee Free

  • Late payment fee: £12
  • Over credit limit: £12
  • Returned payment: £12
  • You can avoid additional charges. Please stay within your credit limit and ensure that your payments are received on time.

2.25% or £5, whichever is greater. If you only make the minimum payment it will take longer and cost you more to clear your balance.

You can avoid additional charges. Please stay within your credit limit and ensure that your payments are received on time.

Barclaycard are committed to providing you with the best service we can. But sometimes things can go wrong and we don't live up to our promises. If this happens to you, they want to know. That way, we can put matters right for you and make sure it doesn't happen to another customer in the future. How to make a complaint You can contact us by email, telephone, fax, post or in person.

Email Go to "My Account" section and use the secure email complaint form in the Contact Us section

Telephone Call them on 0844 811 9111 - Fax to them at 01604 254 152

Post Write to them at: Barclaycard, Customer Relations Department, 1234 Pavilion Drive, Northampton, NN4 7SG

You have a right to cancel this Agreement. This right will expire 14 calendar days after we post the card to you. Unless you cancel within this period you will be bound by this Agreement. If you wish to cancel this Agreement, please send written notice to Barclaycard, Department BCR, Northampton, NN4 7SG. If you cancel you will still need to repay any money already lent to you. Unless you repay this money in full within a month of cancellation, you may be required to pay interest or other charges under the terms of this Agreement.


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