Bangla Prepaid Card

Published on 6 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

Your Bangla Prepaid Card gives you all the liberty from stressful money matters. It comes along with free eccount which enables card holders to access money from all round the globe.

Who can apply for Bangla Prepaid Card?

In order to apply for the prepaid card, the intended applicant should be at least 18 years of age. This prepaid card is only issued to the residents of United Kingdom. In order to ascertain the validity of your application details, you will have to provide residential evidences. At the same time, the institution is likely to conduct thorough research on the applicant’s previous credit repaying history. All gathered informations are stored by the prepaid card authorizing department for further references.

What are the benefits of this prepaid card?

When you are conferring to the benefits of Bangla Prepaid Card, you will find the list running out for pages together. Customers can opt for two types of tariff plans in order to activate their prepaid facilities of their online eccount. These are Pay Monthly and Pay As You Go. The monthly tariff plans help you avoid paying charges for purchases. In case you are using this facility while traveling abroad the customer purchase limits are nil. Having said this, the ATM accession deductions vary in case of domestic usage and international usage. The agency charges a minimal initial fee when the client has loaded or used the card for the first time, though.

Security facts of this prepaid card

In actuality, one needs to follow all the general safety rules while using such cards. This would include tips like, never to disclosure your PIN number, conducting online shopping from certified sites only and protecting your PC from hackers and cyber criminals who are engaged in phishing your financial details. While using Bangla prepaid, one should keep in mind, the unique security systems and the data controller working actively to protect identities of the clients.


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