Aqua Credit Card

Published on 1 September 2010 by Raffick Marday

The benefits you will count on

Aqua Credit Card holder enjoys the rare opportunity to rebuild his or her credit history, in a few months time span. It is the ideal card that acts like a perfect MasterCard and demands absolutely nothing, when you are debating around annual fees. Aqua does not charge on your one time purchase. And they stick to this particular norm even if you have already submitted your balance transfer statement right on time. The credit card comes with lithe payment dates and this facility helps all the customers to find their own suitable time to clear out their financial engagements. They need to adhere to the interest fee time line of 56 days.

Who can apply?

To apply for Aqua Credit Card, the approaching customer needs to be a citizen of United Kingdom. One can approach the credit card services, in case he or she has recently relocated in the country. Applicants can fill up the form even if they are part time employed or are self employed. Customers with low income history or irregular income tendencies can even apply. Poor credit scores can be fixed with Aqua’s very own credit card options. For it is to do with getting back to the normal financial condition, the mass has received premium services from this particular financial institution.

What are the additional positive facts?

Aqua Credit Card makes available the customer friendly online services for the whole day long. Which means, all your time to time queries are answered and your doubts get clear on a round the clock basis. You can at the most avail the basic credit limit of £2,200. The benefits don’t cease away yet. Customers enjoy the privilege of engaging a partner card holder. They can even go for insurance products and opt for the ones they require with their own credit cards. With high end security assurance and top notch client services on behalf of the Bank of Scotland, Aqua gets the customers all the bliss he or she has dreamed for.


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