Young people increasingly shun ‘boring and repetitive’ hospitality jobs

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Avert your eyes, Jamie Oliver – it has emerged that 43% of young people would not consider hospitality as a career option.

prepaid cardsDespite the fact that cooking has undergone a celebrity-style makeover in recent times, with shows such as Gordon Ramsey’s Hell’s Kitchen and Come Dine With Me proving extremely popular, young people would rather experience the industry from the comfort of their own home than consider it as a career.

A survey by, the web-based restaurant reservation and marketing service, surveyed 1,000 people between the ages of 16 and 24 and found that just under half would not even think about working in the hospitality sector, scrapping the career path in favour of a job where they can put their “social media skills” to good use.

Two in five believe that working in hospitality would be “boring and repetitive” and almost one in three (29%) stated that it was “not forward-looking enough”.

The research also found that one in five felt that a career in hospitality “would not use their technology skills and their knowledge of the internet and social media”.

This suggests that many young people are interested in working with computers, especially since a third of those polled believed that their skills “would be better suited to an office environment”.

The results might offer an explanation as to why a substantial number of bar and waiting staff hail from Europe.

The North-South divide was also highlighted by the survey, which revealed that six in ten young people in the North would consider a job in hospitality, compared to five in ten Southerners.

Somewhat ironically, the disinterest in the hospitality sector comes at a time when unemployment amongst young people is very high – and when hotels and restaurants are one of the few sectors looking to recruit.

The number of jobs in the industry has undergone a 7% increase over the past two years, in comparison with a general rise of 1.7% across the wider economy.

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