White Eagle Prepaid Card now only £4.95

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Those who are looking for no hassle prepaid cards can now get their White Eagle Prepaid Maestro Card at half price. This special offer is available only at Compareprepaid.co.uk. The regular price for White Eagle Prepaid Maestro Card is £9.95 and with the special offer price, it costs just £4.95. This makes White Eagle Prepaid Prepaid Card the cheapest Maestro Prepaid Card in the market.

White Eagle Prepaid Maestro Card is for those who want to make sure that they never go overdrawn and for those who want to be in total control of their prepaid credit card spending. White Eagle Prepaid Maestro Card has the simplest and fastest application processing and no credit checks are required for this card. The processing time is very short when compared to the other prepaid cards. White Eagle Prepaid Maestro Card is ideal for those who have poor credit history. As this is a prepaid card, the credit card company does not have any risks so they will readily approve the card. At times, even those with good credit rating can have their credit card application rejected for various reasons. In such cases, White Eagle Prepaid Maestro Card is the best solution. Here one can enjoy using the function of a pay as you credit card in spite of their poor credit history. This puts people in total control of their credit card spending as they can only spend what they load. Moreover, these prepaid credit cards save people from carrying around paper money. Carrying paper money can prove to be risky and it poses serious security threats especially when people have to carry around a lot of money. Prepaid is the safest option for shopping.

One of the disadvantages of not having credit cards is that people will not be able to shop online. However, today online shopping is considered one of the most convenient shopping options. Now those who cannot get their credit card application approved have to worry no more. They can easily go for White Eagle Prepaid Maestro Card at Compare Prepaid by just paying half the actual cost. Using these maestro cards people can also shop online. This prepaid credit card enjoys 100% approval. Anyone can apply for these maestro cards and it does not have a complicated application process. It does not require any bank account and no credit checks. This can be used as an allowance card for staff or as a pocket money card for children. Employers can pay their wages directly to White Eagle Prepaid Maestro Card. This is a feature packed card; it comes with a number of exciting benefits. Users of this card can send money abroad free of cost at the best exchange rates. It works exactly like the regular credit card except that the user has the guarantee that they will never go overdrawn. Other promotional offers include free mobile phones on select packages.

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