£300 Weekly Alcohol Bill For British Holidaymakers

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Most holidaymakers like to think that they look for the best prices when it comes to booking a getaway, and in these times of financial difficulties this can be even more of a priority.

holiday travelAccording to a new poll, however, British tourists are less bothered about costs when it comes to buying alcohol whilst on holiday, with the average spend hitting around £300 during a week-long trip.

The poll by www.MyVoucherCodes.co.uk asked 1,512 men and women aged 18 and over from around the UK who had been abroad last summer about their drinking habits while they were away from home.

79% of those who took part said that they drank on holiday and 55% admitted that covered six out of the seven days of the week that they were away.

When asked how much they spent on buying alcohol, the average spend per day was £49.92, meaning that most Britons spent £299.52 a week.

Chairman of MyVoucherCodes.co.uk, Mark Pearson, said: “Alcohol and summer holidays seem to go hand in hand for Britons, and to see that we spend so much as a nation on booze alone was quite surprising.

“It’s evidently the norm to drink almost every day on holiday abroad, but when you look at how the costs stack up many Britons might think twice about how much they’re knocking back this year,” he suggested.

The cost of buying alcohol wasn’t taken into account by 45% of people when they were booking their holiday, and a further 13% of those who answered the survey admitted that the amount they’d spent had put them into a position of debt afterwards.

Some of the cost could be put down to the fact that 61% claimed to drink a ‘wider variety’ of alcohol abroad than they would usually do at home and 81% said they were happy to spend more money on alcohol abroad.

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