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Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

The nation’s personal finances are in a state of turmoil as the weak economy continues to take its toll on household funds and UK businesses.

A growing number of businesses are running up debts and falling into administration as they bow under the pressures of the struggling economy. There are, however, a few ways to help keep costs down at home and at work.

The Workplace Depot suggests that small businesses could save money by replacing printers, servers and other office technology.

A spokesperson from the firm said: “It is essential to look at the energy efficiency rating of any new products. A 30%+ energy saving across an entire organisation can soon add up to some serious savings.”

Workplace Depot blog editor, Richard Bloomfield, also claims that businesses should recycle to avoid waste and offers a few top tips on how to make the most of your resources at work.

“Recycling paper is a great way to cut down on costs. This can be a two stager – any paper that hasn't had both sides used can go into one pile, and when both sides have been used it can go in the paper waste recycling,” he said.

“In our warehouse we keep a stash of cardboard (packaging from things we have bought) and shred the waste paper from the office for use as substitute flow pack (aka giant white quavers!). Most offices seem to chuck out the packaging that comes with office equipment and then buy expensive packaging materials when things need sending out

“Staff could also print double-sided (duplex) – it is amazing how many people refuse to make the little change in the print properties which will enable this.”

“One last suggestion – borrowed from the Peep Show's Alan Johnson is ‘Fire 30% of the workforce. New logo. Boom’ – but we thought we'd better not suggest that one.”

Richard Bloomfield’s top tips to cut costs at work

Switch it off! If it is not being used switch off those lights, monitors, fans, printers etc.

Air-con. At The Workplace Depot we are lucky enough to be able to switch of the air-conditioning and, guess what, open a window! Our facilities manager reckons that by having our air conditioning switched off for most of the 'summer' we have saved the equivalent GDP of a small European nation.

Surplus space. Is there a large part of your office that never gets used or spare parking spaces lying empty in a busy urban location? You may be able to rent these out – in Dragon's Den speak I think this is called 'sweating you assets’!

Snail mail. Do you need to send out all those letters and paper invoices? Two words and three letters... 'email' and 'PDF'.

Flogging off old equipment. The easy thing to do is to throw things into a skip. A better tactic might be to find the least busy looking person in the office and get them to spend a few hours on eBay.

You could also make your money go further at home by using a cashback credit card or a prepaid credit card to stick to a budget.


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