Wary Brits repeatedly return to the same holiday resorts

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

New research shows that we’re a nation unwilling to leave its comfort zone – even when it comes to holidays.

prepaid cards on holidayAccording to Cheapflights.co.uk, a massive 80% of Brits return to the same holiday destination each summer rather than opting to explore somewhere new.

Of the 1,000 people in the UK polled by the flight comparison company, some 40% even choose to go back to the same resort or hotel.

Perhaps down to the fast pace of life and busy, demanding schedules, two of the chief reasons for this practice were “ease of travel” and “peace of mind”.

And taking into account the regular rain and bitter cold Brits are often subjected to, “good weather” and “price” also played a leading role.

Cheapflights.co.uk travel expert, Oonagh Shiel, said: “If you’re a little too familiar with that balcony view – or you’ve been on first name terms with your holiday waiter for a few years now, perhaps it’s time to give each other a break and look at some other options – and swap your destination déjà vu for something new.”

Brits tend to return to Spain and the US, as well as other locations around the UK, on a regular basis.

While wanderlust is certainly not an in-built attribute, Brits said that the Maldives, Hawaii, California, Australia and New York are the destinations most likely to break the habit.

However, with expense constituting a major factor in our preference for familiar places, it is improbable these habits will change anytime soon.

Chartered Psychologist, Dr Jane McCartney said: “You may not be able to afford the most exotic holiday destination, but play with your options. Perhaps try to explore options in a different way. Challenge your partner to help you research destinations and beat your price.”

Are you planning on going on holiday this year? Are you jetting off to somewhere new or going back to a resort you’ve holidayed at before?

Wherever you decide to go, remember to take a travel money card so that you can stay on top of your budget whilst overseas.


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