Vouchers via Mobile Grow in Popularity

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Shoppers embracing the voucher system to get money off their purchases believe mobile phones are the way of the future, new research shows.

Being able to quickly and easily get money off shopping is a high priority for many Brits struggling to stay afloat in the economic downturn. In order to aid budgeting compare prepaid credit cards.

The study by Everydaysale, a voucher code portal, found that Britons prefer vouchers sent to their mobile phones rather than those they found searching through the internet.

A huge 47 percent thought this change would come soon while 67 percent of respondents showed a strong interest in embracing this combined application.

“With the economy still slowing, consumers wish to save cash as often as possible,” said David Hi, Everdaysale marketing department manager.

“The commercial companies should attach much more importance to mobile phone marketing, which is expected to be applied more widely in accepted fields.”

Young people between the ages of 15-35 years old accounted for 64 percent of those enthusiastic about this approach as they think it will help save time, energy and money.

Of the 89 percent in the survey who were mobile phone users, 78 percent said they had used vouchers or coupons for online shopping to save money.

Prepaid Credit Cards to Budget Shopping Money

If your food shopping bill is always over budget try shopping online so you can calculate exactly how much the bill will cost before you complete the transaction.

This will mean if it is over budget you can go back and look for cheaper alternatives, furthermore, it saves time buying online and saves petrol costs.

Vouchers are a good way of knocking off important pounds on shopping bills and if used wisely you can even afford to use them towards the odd treat.

Prepaid cards can prevent overspending on a credit card as they do not allow the user to exceed the limit so they cannot get into debt.


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