Visa Europe launches new mobile payment services

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Europe’s leading payments Technology Company has announced two new services designed to help consumers handle their money and make payments using their mobile phones.

Visa Mobile Person-to-Person payments and Visa Alerts are the two latest services that Visa Europe has launched in an aim to improve its customer service.

Peter Ayliffe, Visa Europe Chief Executive, claimed that the new services give Visa Europe’s member banks the tools to respond to growing consumer demand for fast, secure, convenient and innovative ways to make and manage payments using their mobile phones.

Visa Mobile Person-to-Person payments

According to Visa Europe, this app allows registered users to transfer funds to any Visa cardholder in Europe from their mobile phone. Its users will be able to send money to an address book contact, to a mobile phone number, or to a specific Visa card number – even if the recipient is not registered with the service.

Visa Alerts

On the other hand, Visa Alerts notify registered Visa customers whenever their card has been used to make a purchase or to withdraw cash. These alerts will be made on a real-time basis and let consumers know if their card has been used without their permission.

Mobile and SMS banking

Lately, many banks have joined the trend of offering mobile services to their clients.

Santander bank launched a new service offering text alerts to all of its current online banking accountand savings customers and Lloyds TSB recently announced a new version of their mobile banking application.

The arrival of the new technology devices makes it easier to manage our banking on the go. Further research showed that more people are now banking online than going into high street branches. Considering this trend, Nationwide also re-designed their internet banking service to better meet their customer needs. Users of Visa credit cards now have additional services to benefit from.


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