Various Types of Travel Money Cards

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Comparison Travel Money Cards

Due to high demand of the prepaid travel money cards among travellers, a variety of cards are available with various features and at affordable rates. Some of the cards are: Prepaid visa cards such as Virgin visa travel money cards and travelex cash passport cards. Or choose a prepaid travel MasterCard such as Caxtonfx, My Travel Cash or even the popular choice of Fairfx travel money cards

Travel Money Cards - All That You Need To Know About UK Travel Cards

While you are looking for some of the best travel money card services in United Kingdom there are a number of vital points that you need to take care of. Choosing the right kind of services ensures that you are having a secured tour.

Best Travel Money Cards Online:

It is better to purchase a travel money card online rather from a travel money company as this will offer a wider choice and more importantly able to see which companies are available and what their limitations are. Using a travel money cards when going abroad or on holiday do offer better exchange rates than credit cards or a debit cards as you will be charged an FX card usage fee and some companies in addition charge an additional fee which is their markup. Our latest research shows that consumers could be paying up to 5% when using a branded credit card or debit card abroad.

You will have plenty of companies in United Kingdom that offer a travel card nearly every foreign exchange company now do a branded or co branded FX card as they see the value of offering a wider choice to their customers and to be able to capitalize on travel money services but at the same time still offer competitive travel money rates.

There are now so many travel cards on the market so try to avoid any sorts of scams, which are usually offering just one card as in most cases these are just the card provider and do not compare FX cards rates and fees. It is always better to purchase the cards via a compared FX website.

Travel Money Cards Are Truly Convenient While Undertaking Travels:

As long as the card is loaded with money it can be used for making purchases or use to withdraw cash from ATM's Remember to only use the card in the currency denomination as if you use it in any other part of the world you may be charged an additional fee.

The Travel money card can also be used for the purpose of withdrawing cash from the ATM machine. The travel cards are linked directly to the online account of the card holder. The amount that you spend through your card gets deducted from your account. When it comes to the security concerns the money debit cards are definitely the best options in times of travel. Thus while you are traveling abroad, the card loaded with currency can help you to enjoy a stress free tour. Once the balance in your card gets exhausted, it can be refilled again conveniently no matter in which ever part of the world you are. Make sure you are purchasing the cards well ahead of time so that you can get the best exchange rates.

Important Considerations That You Must Not Overlook While Conducting Online Search:

Visiting the reputed compare travel money card websites is one of the best ways you can come across some of the best deals offered by the travel money card companies. In addition the comparative analysis that you can undertake online, helps you to know about the different kinds of services available these days as well as the best price for meeting all your individual requirements before undertaking any travels.

Virgin Travel Money Cards

This Virgin prepaid travel money card is a visa branded card and can be used in almost 160 countries and is acknowledged by more than 24 million retail stores all over the world. The Virgin Visa prepaid travel money card provides the security of the travellers cheque in addition to the handiness of plastic making it more convenient and safer instead of carrying cash with a second money card for free.

Some other prepaid currency cards include Sainsburys prepaid card, Sterling prepaid mastercard currency card and Gap Year prepaidcurrency card. You can compare all the prepaid currency cards available and select the best among them when you exchange money simply by checking online for our currency cards comparison pages.


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