UK money transfer data produces surprise results

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

A recent survey looking at money transfers from the UK to various countries throughout the globe has produced some fascinating results.

The data, produced by Escape Travel Money, certainly shows how multicultural the UK has become in recent times.

More money is sent to the Dominican Republic from Leicestershire than any other part of the UK for example.

Even more intriguing is the diverse workforce which Aberdeen attracts as a result of the booming oil trade in the area.

This has led to money being transferred from the Scottish city to areas including Ukraine, China, Thailand and Tanzania.

Gloucestershire is another county with an unusual claim as it appears that more money was sent from the region to Kenya and South Africa than anywhere else within the UK.

London and the South East in general are represented as the most culturally diverse regions in the UK.

Due to the widespread immigration to the areas, cash has been reportedly sent overseas by individuals representing more than 70 different nationalities. This is a staggering statistic which only serves to reaffirm the diverse nature of the UK society which we inhabit nowadays.

“The highest profile foreign workers in the UK have seemed to be from Eastern European countries, but our figures show that Britain is a much more diverse melting pot of nationalities,” commented Alistair Firth, managing director, Escape Travel Money.

“It’s probably no surprise that London and the North West are the regions that send the most money home, but there are some very strange quirks elsewhere that seem to reveal unknown communities. For example, in Wiltshire more cash is sent to Swaziland than anywhere else.”

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