UK not involved in increased global hotel rates in 2011

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Last year hotel rooms around the globe were more costly for travellers with an average 4% increase. However, UK rates were slightly cheaper. conducted a survey that revealed 69 out of the 88 cities or resorts charged higher prices, especially with cities popular with Britons.

Hotel rates in Amsterdam increased by 9% to £116, and rooms in Venice and Barcelona were up to £137 and £104 showing an increase of 8%.

Visits to Ireland by the Queen and President Obama were said to influence the increase of 7% in Dublin.

The largest riser globally was Ibiza, which was up 39% to £115. Not far behind was Amalifi in Italy up 27% to £183 and Cancun, Mexico also up 27% would cost travellers £124.

Despite a global increase, the rates in UK hotels dropped 1% to £82, although London raised rates by 1% to £115.

David Roche, President of said: “Price volatility in 2011 meant UK travellers found it more expensive to stay in the majority of their favourite destinations abroad.

“A variety of factors, including currency movements and a growth in corporate travel, pushed up prices at a time when many consumers were already struggling to pay their bills at home”.

Destinations in Asia provided the cheapest rates worldwide with a drop of 2% on average. The Arab Spring in Egypt saw drops of 22% and Tunisia experienced a decrease of 9%.

The lowest rates were in Phnom Penh in Cambodia at just £40, whilst the Omani capital of Muscat was exposed as charging the most expensive rates at £219.

On average America rose hotel rates by 3%, but in cities such as San Francisco there was an increase of 14% to £113 and an 11% increase hit Las Vegas to £78.

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