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Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Get financially fit this 2012

Forget the fad diets and new health regime this year; leave the 2012 Olympic athletes to worry about that. This year, why not concentrate on getting financially fit? With these financial resolutions you can save yourself some cash and if you really insist on getting physically fit, you can put it towards that overpriced city gym membership.

1. Change your current account.

Switching your bank account is a pain however there are some very attractive opportunities out there at present, with Santander topping the list by offering £300 to customers who move up to their ‘preferred account’. With 12 months of preferential interest rates of balances up to £2,500 (at 5%), this could generate you more income on top of the initial £300 payout.

2. Get Energy Efficient

Not only should you check to see if you are eligible for government funded insulation but smaller insulation jobs you can do around the home can help save you hundreds off your yearly energy bills. You can find out more at It is also worth considering getting online to compare providers to ensure you already have the best deal. If not, often you will find your current provider can offer you a better deal if you explain you are switching to a cheaper deal.

3. Get Currency Savvy

This year when travelling, do not make the currency blunder that millions do every year by getting their currency last minute or from high street providers. Online currency specialists such as offer competitive cash rates and are usually a lot better than those found in high street stores. You should also consider a travel money card from them, preloaded with currency as a modern day alternative to traveller’s cheques.

4. Get online to get the best deals

Online comparison sites such as and can help save you hundreds of pounds off anything from insurance to travel deals. Going online before making purchase to compare prices can usually save you some money. Also, using vouchers found online for when eating out or going on day trips is another excellent way to help save some money.


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