Travel Money Cards for Winter Holidays

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Winter holidays are popular with many Brits looking to escape to a warmer climate or snowy mountains for some fun, but keeping costs to a minimum is still a priority.

If you are worried that your holiday spending may get out of control try loading your money onto a travel money card.

Research reveals around 17 percent of the population will be enjoying a ski or snowboarding holiday this year, AXA Insurance found.

Travel data last year showed people are cutting back on foreign holidays. Popular ski destinations including Switzerland, Bulgaria and Canada saw a 25 percent drop from the UK market last year.

“Obviously money is tight for many people at the moment and holidays are expensive,” said Amanda Edwards, spokesperson for AXA travel insurance.

Load Your Holiday Money onto a Travel Money Card

A travel money card is a popular way to carry your cash abroad - it enables a holidaymaker to keep an eye on their spending and prevents them from going over their budget.

The traveller can load the money onto the card prior departure at a good exchange rate which is fixed, so any purchases made through the card are not charged individually.

When transferring money onto a card consumers accept an exchange rate at the time of transaction in Euros, Dollars or Sterling.

Cash can be retrieved from most ATMs abroad too meaning a holiday goer need not carry around a wad of cash on their person to save on exchange rates.

An estimated 1.7 billion worth of personal possessions have been stolen while Brits holidayed abroad over the last five years, Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance figures claim.

Over a third of victims stated cash had been stolen with 28 percent admitting their whole wallet had been snatched.


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