Travel Money Cards Help Accommodate Tax Rise

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Travellers are set to experience an increase in Air Passenger Duty (APD) from today but research shows two thirds of consumers do not know how much tax they previously paid on a flight.

If a hike in airline tax is likely to make funding for a holiday tough, try a travel money card to aid budgeting abroad.

According to the ABTA, The Travel Association, a family of four visiting relatives in Australia should now expect to pay £340 in tax or £680 if they have asked for extra leg room.

By 2014 the Government also intends on increasing this further so APD revenue is doubled to £3.8 billion representing the largest tax rise to hit travellers.

Research by ABTA has revealed 70 percent of consumers do not know how much tax they are paying on a flight due to the increases being hidden behind the overall price of an airline ticket.

“For too long our customers have been taken advantage of with successive governments seeing flying as a convenient cash cow,” said Mark Tanzer, ABTA chief executive.

“These huge increases in APD will disproportionately affect families on tight budgets when they are under considerable financial pressure.

“Increasing taxes will make taking holidays and visiting friends and relatives unaffordable for many.”

A further 90 percent of consumers admit to being sceptical about the environmental justification behind the flying poll tax.

Travel Money Cards

While many families are unaware of how much tax they pay on their flight due to the complicated nature of the system, they can still gain control of their holiday spending with a prepaid travel money card.

A money card is a safe and popular way to carry foreign currency abroad as it enables the traveller to load it prior departure with funds at a certain exchange rate and not get charged when making purchases through it.

Additionally, it only allows a user to spend what is on the card so they cannot over-spend on their budget and it impossible to get into debt.


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