Travel Money Cards Aid Safety Abroad

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

An estimated 1.7 billion worth of personal possessions have been stolen while Brits holidayed abroad over the last five years.

Of the 5.1 million British adults who have been victim of theft while abroad only 51 percent reported the theft to the local police, Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance research found.

Over a third of victims stated cash had been stolen with 28 percent admitting their whole wallet had been snatched on occassion.

The average value of each individual theft was found to amount to £326 while 240,000 people had over £1,000 worth of valuables taken.

“When holidaying, people take their most valuable possessions with them, such as their camera, passport, going-out jewellery, mobile phone, iPod, and of course their spending money,” said Scott Gorman, Sainsbury’s Travel Insurance manager.

“It’s easy to be engrossed in your surroundings when in a different country and when you’re feeling relaxed you can be easily distracted, which is when you are at your most vulnerable of becoming a victim of theft.”

Travel Money Cards

If you are going on holiday you could benefit from a travel money card. A safe way to carry your spending money abroad, travel money cards offer a simple solution to the worry of carrying a large amount of cash on your person which could be an easy target for thieves.

With a travel money card the card holder can, prior to their holiday, transfer a certain amount of money onto it and then use it like any other credit card without the worry of dipping into funds you do not have.

While banks have made it easier to withdraw cash from ATMs wherever you are there are still charges involved, so many travellers find themselves still withdrawing large amounts of money at a time.

When transferring money onto a travel money card consumers accept an exchange rate at the time of transaction in Euros, Dollars or Sterling.

As the card holder can only spend up to the amount they transferred, a travel money card is a good way to budget and manage your holiday spending. Furthermore, unlike credit cards a credit check is not necessary.

There are a number of different products and travel cards available, catering to your individual needs, so it is always advisable to compare travel money cards online before choosing one.


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