Top Christmas travel tips

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Christmas is an incredibly busy time for overseas travel. Millions of people either want to get home to spend the festive season with family and friends, while others are keen to get away and experience a twist on traditional festivities.

compare travel cardsAccording to a statement from Heathrow Airport, around 4.3 million passengers will be travelling through the airport on the run-up to Christmas.

But don’t shy away from travelling at Christmas because of the stress – follow our travel survival guide instead!

Plan ahead

The airports are bracing themselves for a wave of travellers in the coming few days. It is worth leaving plenty of time for delays and long queues, especially if you are jetting off from Heathrow on Friday (21 December), when 105,000 people will be doing exactly the same.

The problems may start before even getting to the airport, however, particularly if you are due to fly on Saturday (22 December).

Some 23 million Brits are expected to take to the roads on this day as the country makes the most of the five day holiday.

This is according to research by, with spokesman Mike Pritchard warning that Saturday “could be a day of real chaos”. Leaving early to ensure you get to the airport on time can alleviate last-minute stress.

Planning ahead does not just have to apply to transport and journey times. Organising your travel money in advance can be financially beneficial, as you will avoid expensive airport rates.

Taking gifts abroad

To eliminate stress at the airport, remember not to wrap any presents! While this may seem very un-Christmassy, it will save you time and worry at security, where wrapped packages could well be opened.

With airport security on increased alert over the holidays, it may be easier in the long run to hide presents under piles of clothes and sort out the wrapping at your destination.

Another top tip is to remember to leave space in your bag – or take an extra bag with you – to bring back any presents you might receive whilst abroad.


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