Texting Takes Over the Postcard

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Holidaymakers are increasingly swapping a pen and a postcard for a text message when abroad, research shows.

According to the AA Travel Insurance study, the nation is losing the art of penning a postcard with only 37 percent taking the time to send one home to family and friends.

Instead, the survey revealed travellers keep in touch in other ways as only three percent said they do not send any kind of message home at all. Electronic communications are the most likely form of keeping in touch.

Text messages are now the most popular way to share holiday happiness, with 48 percent texting back home while on holiday. While others prefer to send emailed pictures of where they are, as 17 percent do, and another 15 percent update their Facebook page. A further seven percent send a multi-media clip.

“This really is the most personal way to send a message home – from choosing the image to composing a compelling summary of your thoughts in your own handwriting,” said Mark Huggins, AA Travel Insurance director.

“And, of course, pens don’t need a left-at-home charger to work, while losing a ballpoint in the sand won’t result in an insurance claim!”

Travel Currency Cards

Instead, travel currency cards are overtaking the popularity of the postcard with many holidaymakers opting to take their money abroad on one of these instead of using a debit or credit card.

The cards can be pre-loaded with the travel money you have saved for your holiday and then used as you would a debit or credit card overseas.

These cards are useful for travellers who prefer not to carry around lots of cash with them, while also enabling them to stay within budget and not spend more than they had intended as the card does not have an overdraft facility.

“Currency cards are rapidly becoming the most convenient and secure way to take care of your holiday money,” Mr Huggins continued.


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