Sun, sea and tablets: electronic devices become travel necessity

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Never mind flip flops and sunglasses, the tablet has become travellers’ number one item to pack into their suitcases as they make their way overseas.

Prepaid cards on holidayAccording to research on behalf of Thomas Cook, a typical British family now takes five different mobile devices with them on holiday.

Every family packs at least one Apple gadget into their holiday luggage, with iPads and iPhones proving the most popular.

Electronic travel companions following hot on their heels were the Kindle, Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy.

This is likely to remain the same in the New Year, although the Google Nexus 7 and iPad Mini are also tipped to be a favourite with holidaymakers jetting off in 2013.

The research found that every family takes a minimum of one tablet and that a third of children take their own mobile device on their holidays.

Social media and work were the driving force behind the need to stay connected whilst overseas. A third of people (34%) said they used their device to update social media sites, whilst one in five said it came in handy for checking work emails.

With the rising popularity of tablets, free Wi-Fi is increasingly considered a necessity when it comes to selecting a hotel.

Almost one in three people said that free Wi-Fi is either vital or important to the choice of accommodation.

Since tourists tend to take expensive goods with them on holiday, such as tablets or mobile phones, they are often targeted by thieves.

Leaving devices in a safe place when they are not being used and taking care not to let them out of your sight can help reduce the chances of theft.

Another way to stay safe on holiday is to take a prepaid card rather than carry around wads of foreign currency.

Not only will this keep pickpockets at bay but since you load cash on beforehand, you can specify exactly how much you will spend in line with your budget, ensuring that your relaxed ‘holiday mode’ doesn’t spill into your spending habits whilst overseas.


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