A stress-free school trip with MeCard?

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

A stress-free school trip with MeCard?

There is nothing quite like the buzz and excitement of setting off on a school trip. Every other year group or form is beginning the hard grind of a 9-3.30 school day, but not form 9B. Nope, 9B are setting off for an educational jaunt to the Science Museum, or Hampton Court Palace perhaps. Permission slips have been signed spending money allocated, and get this, there’s even a coach trip involved!

Cast your mind back to good old fashioned school excursions. In my day, school trips were a haphazard free for all. I don’t doubt that each outing was meticulously planned by teachers and parents, yet on the day: at least four pupils would be late, even later than the coach driver, somebody would mistakenly show up in school uniform (or Vice Versa), and half the responsible adults would be hoarse come 5pm. Driven to distraction by year 9s inability to walk from A to B in an orderly fashion.

And then there was the spending /lunch money scenario. If we were trusted to carry it ourselves, it would get lost in the excitement. If a teacher had kept it safe, it somehow wouldn’t divide up into 30 neat £5 bundles. And heaven forbid the plaintive “sir, sir, she stole my lunch money!”. Headaches all round.

Thankfully, there is a new option available to parents who would like to try an alternative way of making sure young James or Janet keep their lunch money safe. The new prepaid MasterCard, MeCard is designed for parents and teens aged 13-18. The MeCard is accepted wherever the MasterCard acceptance mark is displayed, allowing teens to shop online and in-store throughout the country. Without the possibility of going over-drawn.

A linked online account system means that parents can load money, view teen balances, and even check spending history without making tiresome trips to the bank or atm. What’s more, cards are safer than cash in that your funds are protected and a whole lot less appealing to would-be thieves. Precautions are still necessary of course. But you can’t help but wonder, If every school trip had a prepaid spending policy, then a lot more time could be spent on good old educational fun. Get a MeCard prepaid card


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