Standard of Living Expected to Plunge

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

The nation needs an extra £39 billion to enjoy the same standard of living they experienced a year ago, new figures show.

The latest Consumer Price Index was shown to have risen from January to 4.4%, a 0.3% rise. The typical average household expenditure is estimated at £35,363 per year following this rise.

MGM Advantage estimated UK households need an extra £38.869 billion overall to maintain their previous standard of living. This accounts to an additional £629.03 per person a year to maintain previous lifestyles.

“The price of goods is rising at an alarming rate and coupled with the fact that people are living much longer, means many people in retirement are finding it more difficult to survive financially,” commented Aston Goodey, MGM Advantage sales and marketing director.

This is an extra £1,496 a year UK households will have to account for to live how they did a year ago.

Inflation on Budgets

The Office for National Statistics revealed the CPI is 0.3% higher than it was a year ago with clothing and footwear adding a big upward jump on the cost of living. This saw the largest rise in a January to February movement to stand at 3.6%.

Transport prices are another pressure on the rate of inflation rising by 0.8% from January to February 2011. Fuels and lubricants posed the greatest pressure as pump prices rose by 1.4%.

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