Southeast Spenders Urged to Compare Prepay

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

The biggest spenders in the country are those in the South East of England according to latest figures.

Sainsbury’s Credit Cards showed the total expenditure of those in the South East for Christmas is set to reach £980 million in the last week before the big day.

To limit your last minute spending to an amount you can afford compare prepay cards online to help you keep to your budget.

Londoners, the second biggest spenders, will splash a total of £878 million, and £183.77 per adult.

The North West came in at third place with their last-minute shopping total to reach £883 million and £187.30 per person on average.

Those in the North East however were revealed to spend the least this way with each adult expected to spend £151.18, and a total expenditure of £277 million.

Recent research by LV= revealed despite the economic slump parents are set to shell out an impressive £2 billion in total on gifts this year.

Compare Prepay Cards

With over half of parents spending the same amount on presents or more this year despite experiencing pay cuts, job cuts and benefit cuts, it is more important than ever to ensure this expenditure is budgeted well.

The last thing many want is to jeopardise their future financial security due to bad money management.

By using a prepaid credit card to make purchases you can be sure you will not spend more than you can afford.

A prepaid card is like a credit or debit card in that you can use it to make purchases in most retail stores, and on the internet.

The difference is it does not have an overdraft facility so you do not need to provide credit history to apply for one, and it prevents you from spending more than the amount you loaded onto the card.


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