Single men are most likely to be upgraded

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

It is the holy grail of the frequent flyer and the dream of everyone crammed into cattle class - being upgraded on a flight has earned mythical status in modern travelling lore.

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Now a new poll of airline staff has pinpointed who is most likely to win their favour and be granted the privilege of turning left as they enter the aircraft and being pampered amongst the rich and famous.

According to the data collected from more than 700 flight attendants, single men in their thirties have the best chance of getting a free upgrade, especially if the lucky individual is smartly dressed.

The profile was created by compiling the preferences of the cabin crew, whose answers revealed that men were more likely to be upgraded than women (58% vs. 42%) and that those travelling alone had the best chances of being offered a premium seat.

The survey of flight attendants in more than 80 different countries, which was carried out by the flight comparison website Skyscanner, found that 72% of those questioned said they were more likely to give an upgrade to a passenger flying alone.

Other factors that heavily influenced decisions included being well mannered, a frequent flyer, on a business trip and also having some sort of injury.

If you are part of a hen party or if you are female in your late teens and wearing revealing clothing, you should resign yourself to travelling in the cramped seats at the back as votes from the cabin crews deemed both criteria unlikely to result in an upgrade.

The full list of how to maximise your chances included being polite and friendly, being on your honeymoon, travelling at less busy times and having a good enough sob story.

One of the surest ways to travel in style without splashing extra cash was personally knowing a member of the cabin crew, as more than half said they were more likely to upgrade a friend or family member.

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