Secret credit cards

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

A new study reveals shocking trends regarding both credit and prepaid cards. While almost one in five Brits fails to share important financial information with their partner, one in ten has a secret card.

As the latest figures from a leading comparison site show, Brits like to keep some of their money affairs secret, even from their partners.

11% of Brits deliberately ensure their partner doesn’t see what appears on their card or bank statements, and a further 8% even have a credit card or prepaid card that their other half knows nothing about.

The study suggests that reasons for this include secret expenses they don’t want their partners to know about. These expenses vary widely from purchasing secret presents for their other half, to paying for secret relationships.

Secret credit card payments

Almost a half of those questioned (40%) said they hide some of their financial information because they feared their partner would be annoyed by the amount of money they spent.

Further reasons for having a secret credit card are having their own purchasing freedom (38%) and making purchases their partner would not approve of (21%). Not all reasons are negative though, 29% said they used the card to buy their partner secret presents.

Regarding the costs they pay with these ‘clandestine’ cards, women lead the way in spending on expensive clothing and shoes, while men are more likely to use their hidden credit cards on an expensive night out or on purchasing adult entertainment.

A further survey by Nationwide Building Society revealed that while less than half of British couples share current accounts, nearly a quarter admit to having a bank account that their partner doesn't know about.

Despite couples surveyed suggesting that honesty (43%) and trust (32%) are the most important factors they expect from a relationship; over half (53%) do not pay their salaries into a joint bank account, and 22% have accounts that their partners do not know about.


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