School Leavers Want to Study Abroad to ‘Experience Life Far Away From Home’

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

When asked why they would like to study abroad, a third of school leavers have said that they would like to be able to experience what life is like far away from their own home.

holiday travelAlthough 34% say that they would like to study abroad for this reason, only 11% actually think they will make any moves to make the idea a reality.

The new research, conducted by, asked 1,140 UK school leavers aged 16 or over about their thoughts on continuing their studies in a foreign country.

Although over a third said the idea interested them, 42% were not in favour of the idea.

Gary Smith of said: “Economic gloom seems to permanently embrace Britain at the moment, so it’s no great surprise that school leavers are eyeing up the opportunity to get away from it all.”

When asked for the reasons that they were against the idea, those who had expressed doubts mainly said that language barriers were the main concern. Homesickness was cited by 57% and 50% thought the whole thing would just simply be too much hassle.

Mr Smith continued: “There’s no better time to Travel or experience a different culture than when you’re young and if you can do so within the security of an international student programme, with all the support that that brings, then that’s all the better.”

The research revealed the top 5 countries school leavers would like to study in as the United States of America, followed by France, Australia, Germany and Netherlands. The USA was the most favoured destination for females but Australia topped the list for males.

"Living abroad can do wonders to boost your self-confidence and expand your horizons, so it’s something that I would advise all school leavers to seriously consider. Visa applications need not be a difficult process and should definitely never be a barrier to experiencing new countries and cultures,” Mr Smith summed up.

If living abroad is not an option, a holiday might be a more preferable alternative – just remember to organise your travel money in advance so that you don’t go over budget!


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