Royal Wedding BBQ Plans Could be Costly

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Around two million Brits are planning to host a Royal Wedding party or BBQ this weekend, new research reveals. For those worrying about overspending this month, consider using a prepaid credit card.

The research by Sainsbury’s Finance also shows around 4.32 million people are planning on going on a holiday during the last week in April.

The superstore claims 44 percent of those planning a party, and 58 percent of those going on holiday do not have home insurance in place to protect their possessions from burglary or damage.

People living in the South East of England are the most likely to be planning a Royal Wedding party this weekend, as seven percent of adults in this region admitted to be in the process of planning one.

This is followed by the North West where six percent plan to have guest over to celebrate the special day.

National crime statistics from the Home Office show there have been an increase in domestic burglaries however.

Ageas Insurance expects this to increase throughout the summer as people leave windows and doors open while out in the garden.

“With so few people routinely securing their home while they are there it’s no wonder that so many thefts are committed without a forced entry,” said Mark Cliff, Ageas Insurance, managing director.

“People should treat their homes like they treat their cars – don’t leave valuables on show, lock the doors and make sure you are insured,” added Roy Rudham, The UK Neighbourhood Watch Trust chairman.

Prepaid Credit Cards to Help Budget Party Plans

If you are planning a party this weekend you may be concerned that your spending may get out of hand, so consider using a prepaid credit card to prevent overspending.

Parties can be expensive, and as the research shows, having adequate insurance is vital - however for those on a tight budget, this may be an expense they cannot quite afford. A prepaid credit card however can prevent you from dipping into your overdraft or racking up a hefty credit card bill, which could leave you with enough to afford relevant insurance.


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