Recession pushes average age of children joining their parents on holiday to 30

Published on 1 January 1970 by Raffick Marday

Nearly two million parents are expected to take their adult children with them on holiday this year, according to a survey.

The relentless recession is forcing adult children to bid adieu to their sun-soaked, alcohol-fuelled young peoples’ holidays and instead traipse around historic monuments with their parents – who inevitably pick up the bill.

The survey, conducted by LV Travel Insurance, showed that the average age of a son or daughter joining their parents on holiday is 30.

While this is happy news for parents, who can rest assured that family trips are on the up rather than being shunned in favour of Club 18-30 holidays, some adult children are not best pleased.

Jason Parmeter, 22, from Newbury, travelled with his mum to Portugal and said: "I go on holiday every year and I've just come back from the Algarve in Portugal, where I shared a room with my mum. The problem, we've become accustomed to our own ways of doing things.

“She'll wake up at 5am and throw the curtains open to read, and I'm like: "What the?" She doesn't like to leave the hotel past 7pm, which is like midday to me. The jobs just aren't out there. So everyone either goes on holiday with their parents or not at all.”

Katie Przybyl, 28, from South London, has been on holiday twice in the past three years, both times with her parents. She said: “In 2010 we went sailing in Croatia and my parents covered the cost. This year, my sister Alina, 24, and I went sailing in Croatia with my dad again. This time he requested we contribute £100 each, but in the end my mum gave us £200 each to cover the contribution.

“If it wasn't for these trips, I wouldn't be able to afford a decent holiday. I'd like to be able to help out but for now, although I get regular pay rises, they just seem to be eaten up by bills.”

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